New Technologies

LANAP-Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure

Dr. Morarasu uses a minimally invasive alternative treatment to traditional Periodontal Surgery. Laser treatment involves no cutting or suturing and will help experience a faster, easier recovery with minimal postoperative pain, bleeding and swelling.

Reports are showing that LANAP results are similar to and sometimes better than traditional osseous surgery and with fewer side effects. Patients appreciate that there is little discomfort. Retrospective studies show that in 90% of the cases pockets are reduced by at least 50%. Histology shows there is true bone regeneration most of the time.

Doctor Morarasu was fortunate to be trained in LANAP with Doctor Raymond Yukna, who has done major research on LANAP. Below is a schematic representation of the procedure.

For additional information please visit the LANAP web site

LANAP Illustrative not Instructional - Video

Piezoelectric surgery

Piezoelectric surgery represents an innovative, ultrasonic surgery technique for performing a safe and effective osteotomy or osteoplasty that contrasts with the traditional hard and soft tissue management methods with rotating instruments. This technique was created and developed in response to the need to reach major levels of precision and safety in bone surgery, as compared to that available by the usual manual and motorized instruments.

Due to their characteristics, the microvibrations allow a selective cut of only mineralized structures without damaging soft tissues, which remain undamaged even in case of accidental contact. Dr. Morarasu uses this minimum invasive technique for site preparation and development before dental implants.

You can find more information on the topic by visiting:

Individual Periodontal Testing with MyPerioPath and MyPeriol DPST

We use salivary diagnostics to obtain precise evidence about periodontal disease. The concept is involving the use of DNA testing and Genetic testing to identify periodontal pathogens and those at high risk for periodontal disease progress and treatment success.

This treatment protocol is designed around the concept that Periodontal Diseases are infectious diseases and should be diagnosed and treated using the same concepts of treating other infectious diseases. This includes identification of the causative agents and treating the cause, not just the symptoms.

The sciences of oral microbiology and immunology are critical in the disease initiation and progression. Below is the web address of the OralDNA lab that processes this testing:

Cell base tissue repair molecular mediators

Cell based tissue repair of the periodontal structures is a new attractive approach that complements traditional restorative and surgical techniques for replacement of pathological damaged structures due to periodontal disease. Emdogain has been used from over 10 years and is a product design in Switzerland. This is a purified extract of proteins. These molecular factors are likely to contribute to the regeneration of the periodontal tissues by targeting periodontal progenitors that reside within putative stem cell niches of periodontium.

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